Thursday, March 01, 2007

We told the kiddos and Sweetness took it the hardest. We were going to do it this weekend but found out Hubby has to be at SRP next week so we told them. I ended up taking the night off from work to be with my family and the fact that I did not stop crying for a few hours made it impossible for me to work with the general public. I hope I can make it through tonight and the next two nights.

We still do not have set dates and unit yet. All we know is that he is going and he starts the process next week. I am processing things slowly I think. Yesterday was fine and today is really rough. Hubby has the next two days off from work and tomorrow I think we will let the kids decide if they want to stay home or go to school. Sat is our day. All 5, yes ALL 5, will be somewhere else all day and all night. That is our time. I will still have to work but it is a short shift. Then we actually get some alone time. I do not know how to act or think.

I am so flipping stunned. This time last year I did not know if our marriage would work or where life would take us. Then all I knew was I had taken my 5 kids and moved to an unknown town and state for a better life and to await the return of Hubby from the Stan. Not all things worked out but the most important things did. We have begun to rebuild our marriage and we serve God together. I am nervous about doing another year alone but know that the important things are on a firmer and stronger foundation. I am so thankful to God for all of this.

I am off to take care of lunch and get the kiddos ready for their naps. Maybe I will lay down too. I have not done much but I am exhausted.

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