Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today has been a cleaning mood type of day. I aways do this when Hubby goes away for an extended period of time. I mope around for a few days then I get up off my butt and start my life. I have financial aide packets to finish and Kiddos to care for and love on when they are nice to me. :)

I was able to chat with a dear friend who I meet online the last time Hubby was deployed. Her hubby will be in the same camp as my Hubby and we told them they need to meet up. I am jealous though that they get to meet before we do but at least we as wives know the guys will be able to meet and have a friendly face there.

The Kiddos had an awesome day yesterday. The boys were laid back as much as they can be and played nice most of the day. The older kiddos had a good day at school and relaxed when they got home. We had a late dinner and yummy brownies Sweetness made.

Tomorrow is the Baby's 2nd birthday. I can't believe it has been 2 yeas since he was born. Time has flown. He has gone form being my smallest at birth to a big ole hefty boy. He and his older brother the Bully wear the same size shirts. The did on pants til Bully shot up in a growth spurt.

Tonight is Bible Study and Women of Prayer group. I look forward to this time to just sit and listen lately. It helps to fill me and renew my strength. As of right now I have a very little amount of strength. All I have has been focused on getting Hubby ready and then just making sure the Kiddos are dealing with everything okay.

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