Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today was a little better than the last couple. I almost cried a few times. Last night I slept with the Hubby's pillow under my head and his tshirt clutched in my arms. It almost hurt to go to bed last night. I slept alone for 20 months and he is home for a year and I can't sleep without him now. He has not had an AT since he has been home so I have not had to go to long without him next to me. I think one night he was gone for a class for work. That is it. One night I did not sweat. The second night he is gone on deployment the room and bed felt different. Very lonely in there. I do not like going into our room. Our place to snuggle, laugh and chat. It is not the same without Hubby.

Kiddos are doing great. Sweetness had no breakdowns tonight. She has already kicked into her Mommy role. She will baby me and try to take care of me til her Daddy gets home. Then she will leave me alone. She knows how nervous I am while Daddy is gone and knows that if I do not take care of myself then I can't take care of them and put on the brave front for others. Sweetness is one great girl. She is going to be awesome at whatever she does.

Big Man is just that a big man with a young heart. He is so grown up but at the same time so young at heart. He makes sure the younger kiddos are doing right and tries to help me out. I hate the fact he has grown up so fast and been great about it. He is going to be great in life too. Whatever he does he will be great.

Buddy Lee is having a hard time still. He played sick right before Daddy left to spend some extra time with him. It did not work he still had to go to school. He is missing his Daddy awhole lot. Slowly he is getting back to his old self.

The Baby and The Bully are fine. They play and fight all the time and have a good time. Nothing gets them down to often. I am so glad I have them to occupy my days. It will make the next few months go by fast. I hope.

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