Friday, April 13, 2007

We had Hubby's Send Off tonight. Since he is going as a filler and are unsure of a few things we wanted to have a chance to say thanks to everyone who has supported us this far in our ever changing emotions and plans.

The tornado watch put a damper on some folks coming out but a few did show up. I had a blast sitting and talking with some people and making sure everyone was filled up on food and drinks. Then the time came for us to say a few words. It was hard but all I could say was "Thanks. Thanks." That was it. But Hubby on the other hand stepped up and spoke his heart and touched mine at the same time. One thing he said was that he is proud to not serve only our great God but a great country. That it is a privilege to serve in the military. He also thanked everyone for their support for our family and him. It was touching and heart wrenching for me at the same time.

I am going to curl up with the wonderful Hubby and kiddos and watch a few movies tonight. More in a few days. I am just adjusting and getting ready for the Hubby to leave and life is beginning to suck big green donkey poop for me. In other words I am just sad. I will be outta this funky mood soon.

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