Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today is better. The Kiddos get to talk with Daddy every evening and that has improved things on that side. It is wondrous what it does for me when my Kiddos are very happy. The two little ones will yell at the top of their lungs when they see Daddy on the screen. It makes the day worthwhile no matter what has happened.

I don't know if I told yall but I lost my ATM card. It is an online bank so I can't just go get some cash and pay for things so I am screwed til hopefully this afternoon. Just for the simple fact of the headaches I have had with this account I opened a new one up with another bank but it is very military friendly. I told Hubby we will probably have our new cards and new checks by the end of this week. Oh well. As long as it stays free I am happy.

The weather is getting nice and I am enjoying it to a point. I miss Hubby when it is rainy because I don't have anyone to cuddle up with and chat with. And I miss him when it is sunny out because I am always thinking how much fun he would have had playing with the Kiddos or doing yard work with me. I know I am not happy either way. LOL It is just something I live with. Every time I am around couples or I see something Hubby would enjoy I miss him a little more. It is nice talking with him online almost everyday but it also makes it harder when our usual time comes around and he is not there or something big or funny or interesting happens and I can't turn to him and share it.

Hubby is safe and really enjoying his new unit and the work pace. He likes the guys and is thinking about sticking with them when they get back. His unit that he was attached to is going away so he has to look for something else. They said they would help him make rank and that is what he wants. Plus he will be able to work on aircraft like he has always wanted to.

I am off to enjoy sometime outside with my Kiddos and enjoy some sun. I might even get the boys to pose for some pictures today.

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