Monday, May 21, 2007

Well tonight was interesting. I knew we would have rough nights but tonight was beyond my dreams. Sweetness had a meltdown at school today. She did not want to talk to me about it so I left her alone. The Bully had a fit and did not want to talk to Daddy when he called but wanted to 2 minutes after we hung up the phone. He called til he went to sleep. Then he cried while he was asleep. Woke up had some juice then went back to sleep.

The other Kiddos are just fine. The three older Kiddos might be heading out to my Dads this weekend. They are excited about it. I am looking forward to it and then again the Kiddos will be gone and I will miss them so much. At least while they are around they keep me busy and occupied. Now that they will really be gone for an extended period of time I am going to be left on my own. I do have one day planned without Kiddos and shopping. I have to admit the shopping will be at a case sale at Ft Hood but it is shopping with no Kiddos. Maybe I can get someone to come over really early in the AM to stay with the boys and I can get my nails done. Hmmm something about someone doing my nails makes me feel like a whole new person.

I am off to bed after I record a show for Hubby. Hope everyone has a wonderful night.

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