Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hair done and it is still raining. No pool up and i am bummed. Backyard is a lake. It will be a few days before I can even think about a pool. :(


kbug said...

Well, if your boys are anything like my three were when they were young, who needs a pool when you have a backyard full of water and mud...yeehaw!!! You know what's really funny, they're all grown up now and still love playing in the mud, only now they play on 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers..... :)

Found you through Days Gone's good to know another military family is out there. I see your hubby is youngest boy just returned six months ago...he's been back at Fort Hood since late November, and is, of course, training for another deployment next year. At least he's close enough to come home on long weekends, though..... :)

Take care...

nationalguardwife said...

My boys do like the mud and the lakein the back yard. It is just when we moved a whole bunch of glass and nails and a broken down fence were back there. We got a good portion of it up but since Hubby had to leave right before the spring clean up we had planned it has not been done. :( They are in the front yard now playing in the puddles. :)

Thanks for coming by. I love getting to know other military families. Come back. Hubby should be home soon but I am not holding my breath til he walks off the plane. :) Thank your son for his service and if he needs to escape Hood I am not to far form there.