Friday, June 01, 2007

What is it with people? Sometimes I just want to smack them. I was talking with a good friend today and he was telling me how people are giving him a hard time for dating and falling in love with a white woman. Oh yeah Friend is black. He is a special person with a heart for God and people. The woman he has fallen for is the same. I have not had much time to get to know them but they have blessed me by just being a kind face with an encouraging word when the Kiddos are acting like I never take them out.

If you don't know Hubby is white and I am biracial. It has never been an issue for us. My parents were an inter racial couple and I grew up AF. I was exposed to it from the day I was born so it has never been an issue with me. I don't look at the color of a person's skin. I look to see if they have good teeth and take care of their teeth. (Weird huh?) We have five Kiddos and all five Kiddos are different skin colors. We have taught our Kiddos that your skin color does NOT make who you are. The heart and soul you have will shape that. Only they can make something of themselves and succeed in all they do.

It so bugs the dog poo outta me to think people would care anymore. I have always been around many different people and have loved it. The more I am confined to socializing with black people I am beginning to realize they are the ones who insist the "white man" is what is keeping them down. No it was the stupid decisions each of them made with their lives. Why can't people just stand up and admit they screwed up and ask for help? I know pride has to do with it but I am really at a loss on this one. It has been on my mind and heart all day. I can't wait to talk to Hubby and get his take on this. He is off tomorrow and we might have more time to discuss this.

I just had to get this written down and vent some. Stupid people are really getting on my nerves.


liberal army wife said...

stupid has no colour. None.


Jan Wesner said...

You know, one of the great things about the military is the equal opportunity for both sexes and people of all races. On a military base, people of all skin colors and ethnicities live in the same apartment buildings, go to the same schools and play on the same T-ball teams. I'm not saying it's a perfect world, but it's a lot better than the civilian one.

nationalguardwife said...

I was telling my friend the other day that I prefer to be around or on Military bases for the reason that you really can not have that type of attitude. I grew up with it so it was normal to me and still is.

Hubby told me today that things are easier on ushere than they were in Vegas. My Dad said we would have more of a race issue here. That is so not true. This subject will bother me to no end for the rest of my days. I am just glad that I was not raised that way.

Butterfly Wife said...

Teeth, huh? I'm kind of a hair girl, I guess. And bald is beautiful, just for the record.

I grew up in a very racial diverse area. I like diversity. I'm always a little surprised when I hear about people commenting on "color". To me, color commentary should remain steadfastly limited to discussions about paint and fiestaware. ;)

nationalguardwife said...

Yeah the straighter and whiter the better. :) Hubby is the same way. Glad I have pretty teeth. I like the zero fade my self. :)

I would add curtains to the list. I am on to pick out curtains before paint and then find paint.

Sarah said...

I too think the military is pretty darned colorblind. I suppose I grew up with a fairly monochromatic adolescence, so I think it's downright cool that, for example, many of the field grade officers in my husband's old unit were black. I like that we have lots of black and Hispanic neighbors, because the more blurring of lines, the better.