Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Time is drawing near for our short deployment to be over. Hubby wants to stay longer to pay off some more of our bills and save some money. I don't mind but if he is going to do this then I want him to go active duty. He knows he will be going back again for the National Guard. My thing is I know he is at his best and most fulfilled when he is active duty. We are better off as a couple and family when we are an active duty family. Hubby did say he would think about it and that he wants to talk to some private contractors before he makes a decision. We also set a time line of 6 months to have a decision made so we will not be floundering to long.

To be honest I do not want to live pay check to paycheck and I know some of it has to do with bad decisions and wrong attitudes towards money. But so much more about how we work as a couple and as individuals hinges on how Hubby is treated at work and how he sees himself. As a man he strives to provide for us and does a stinking good job of it. Providing is more than the money and material things in life. He has taught our Kiddos how to value others and themselves. He has taught them what it means to work hard and love your family. I just want him to feel that way on his job too.

Sorry for the rambling and disjointed thoughts. It all just came out. Hope everyone is having a good day.


Butterfly Wife said...

That all sounds very familiar. We are contemplating the next move when my husband gets home in a few months. He is reserves and doesn't have a job waiting for him when he gets back. I understand the money stability concerns. I have them in a big way too.

nationalguardwife said...

Hubby did not have a job either last year when he got home. It was a scary place for me with the money going from what it was to what he started making with the company he worked for. We talked and talked and he is leaning towards AGR or active duty. I prefer the active duty over the AGR for many reasons. Plus if he is going to be deployed and treated like an active duty Soldier then I want him to have all the perks of it too. At least we have a starting place to jump from and a time line to work with.

I will pray for you and your Hubby to make the right desicion for yall. It is hard but and esy one to for some people.