Thursday, June 07, 2007

OK so since Hubby has left I have cooked oh I don't know maybe 4 times. He left almost 2 months ago. :) Tonight I am cooking BBQ Chicken with corn and tomatoes. That is it. It is all I want. The rest of the time it is easier to let the Kiddos eat sandwiches and fruit or a bowl of cereal. I know I win the Worst Mommy of the Year Award. :) It makes for less housework that is for sure. Next week I will cook up a storm though. I have that urge to cook again but not til next week when I make the bi monthly trip to the grocery store. We may head down to Ft Hood just cause we can.


Butterfly Wife said...

Good luck with the cooking. I am sure you don't get any where near worst mommy of the year. I cannot imagine going to the grocery store that infrequently. I go at lest 2-3 times per week and it is just me! Have some fun on the trip.

nationalguardwife said...

To be honest I do only go to the store about 2 times a month for the real shopping. I buy in bulk and freeze alot of bread and milk. For the fresh fruits and veggies I go to the Farmers' Market and road side stands here in Texas. I go once a week for fruit and veggies in the winter since my first choices are closed down. When Hubby is home i will go more often since I do not have to take all the Kiddos.