Friday, July 06, 2007

I was out cleaning the pool getting it ready for the Kiddos to play in. Our loving Pooch ran out and Big Man pursued her and was trying a new tactic in getting her home. It did not work like we had hoped. As Big Man was calling for her and holding a treat out to her she bolted to a group of kids of which one picked up a brick and lobbed it at her right in front of Big Man. At first I thought she was fine. Told Sweetness to take her in and rinse the mud and dirt off of her and I would check her out to she if she was seriously hurt. When Sweetness was trying to get our Pooch to the tub she stopped walking and began to bleed from her nose and forehead.

I found the punk who did it and told him I would speak with his guardian tomorrow but in the meantime I had to get my Pooch to a Vet and was trying to figure out how to tell my Hubby who was in Iraq that his dog was hurt by a punk and I did not know if she would live or not. I still am not sure if she will or not. I am so frustrated and pissed right now. The vet said she had a fractured skull and was not walking on her leg due to being stunned. It makes since. I opted to bring her home to rest and watch her. I would not be able to sleep anyway. Plus the bill would have been over 300 bucks and I do not have that kind of money on hand. I will be taking the bill to the child's guardian and asking for help in paying for the bill. I will take part responsibility for the Pooch getting out but for a kid to through a brick at her from across the street is uncalled for. And we do have an ADULT witness who saw it happen. She is sleeping now and doing ok. She did eat some lunch meat with her penicillin but has not gotten off the couch in two hours.If we make it through the night then I know she will be ok in the long run.

UPDATE: Pooch slept fine no seizures or swelling. I just checked on her and she was on the couch from her pillow and wagging her tail. What a good thing to see this morning.


Butterfly Wife said...

I am so sorry to hear this. It made me cry. Why do people have to be so mean? I just don't understand. Give the pooch a big hug from me and my doggies.

nationalguardwife said...

I will do that. She is moving around although slowly and I am getting ready to call the guardian of the punk who did this. The Kiddos are loving all over her and treating her very good.