Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am floored by adults these days. I just spoke to the grandmother of the punk who hit my Pooch with a brick. She was demanding and cussing at me because I asked if the "the child" could do some chores around my house to help pay for the bill. Mind you not all just a portion. She went of and then asked me if I took the word of an ADULT over a CHILD. Well of course I do. I even told her that I took the word of an ADULT over my own Kiddos word most of the time More like 99.99% of the time. She then wanted to speak with the adult who witnessed the whole thing. I said I would have to call and ask her first if I could give out her number. That is something I do for anybody whether I know them or not. The grandmother did not like it one bit. We had a few words and I calmed down and repeated in a calmer voice why I would not give out a number and offered options on how to settle this. She was pissed. We agreed to speak later and hopefully something will be worked out. We will see. I am not hopeful but I will give it one more try.


Butterfly Wife said...

That sounds horrible. How's Pooch doing?

nationalguardwife said...

It was. Hubby will take anymore action when he gets home. I would slep her if I had to deal with her again. Pooch is doing better. She is still kinda of shakey. We had a couple of friends over yesterday and she freaked out. Was shaking and hiding almost all night after they left. I felt so bad. I told the Kiddos no more people over for awhile. I will take her in for a follow up this week.Wound is clean and no sign of infection. Swelling has reduced to almost nothing.