Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well I did not do as well in my placement testing as I would have liked. Considering I have been out of school for 15 years I really was not expecting to much. I am bummed because I was hoping to take at least two college level courses instead of one.The one college level course i am taking is having to deal with Mind Works. It will help me get back into the swing of things and relearn how to study and take a test. I am enrolled and start Aug 27th. I am a bono fid full time college student. I am to tired to give more than a yippee right now. LOL

Hubby was online about an hour before I had to head out and then he called. He gave me one of his famous pep talks and told me once again how he knew I could do this if I just put my mind to it and had my goals set at attainable levels. He knew exactly what I needed to hear. He is such an awesome man. He is not the most romantic man around just a practical loving man who does his best to provide for his family.

I did treat myself to a Chai Tea iced from Starbucks today and a new Point of Grace CD. I was so giddy and happy. I felt like I needed a treat and wanted to get a CD before Big Man did. I had to walk up and down the aisles a few times before I saw something he did not have. :) Now I am off to bed and a good night's sleep.


Claire said...

I am glad that you got a good pep talk from dh! Those are always nice! If it is any recourse at all I too had to go back and take a few of the refresher courses. It really is just a matter of getting used to the classroom again. When I went back to school I had a GED, and so I had to start all the way back in remedial math.

You will always have something to offer in the classroom. Older students with a family have a perspective and a real life practical application of the theories they learn in various subjects, that younger students usually don't have.

You will undoubtedly kick some butt! I am excited for you!

nationalguardwife said...

Thanks Claire. I have to take remedial math, reading and english. LOL I am ok with that. Thanks for the confindence. It will eb needed in a few monthes when I have my first final.

Claire said...

I am nothing if not a good cheerleader. :) So, if you need a confidence boost I will be more than happy to cheer you on.

Butterfly Wife said...

It will be a good refresher. And hopefully, after you get into the classes for a bit, it will all start to come back to you.

nationalguardwife said...

I am sure it will. I was able to get out of Freshman Orentation also. Hubby will be home around that time and I explained that to the counselor and she said I was waived. Take about being relieved.