Monday, September 24, 2007

An A!! I made an A on my Reading Test last night. I am so happy. Tonight I find out about my Psyc class. We had a test last week. It was 17 multiple choice and five essay. I am working my butt off and loving it. Sweetnes jumped up and down for joy when I told her this morning. They knew how much this area kicked my butt. Tomorrow is a Math test and the beginnings of a new essay. Tonight I also find out about our group project and the Self Change Project. Busy from here on out.

I am on the hunt for a yoga mat so I can get back ino my Pilatets. I need to get back into shape and Butterfly Wife and Claire are shaming me into it. They are both very faithful in what they do and if they can do it so can I. Plus I am looking at the benefits of sleeping better at night if I work out in the morning. We shall see. Maybe I will head out to Target today or WalMart to see if they have one and if I am willing to spend that kind of money on myself. Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Super Dork,

I got mine at target for cheap and you know how I love my pilates. Go for it. Also I am so proud of you. Yeah an A. You go girl.

Love ya,

Super Dork #1

Butterfly Wife said...

congrats on the A. I know that feels realllllllllly gooooooooooood.

My only advice for getting back into exercise is to take it slow. You don't need to do it 5 times a week starting immediately. Pace yourself. And good luck and have fun with it. :D

Reasa said...

Thanks Ladies. It does feel awsome. I never did make it to the store for the mat yesterday. Oh Well!! Maybe today.
BW I plan on starting out at 3 days a week 30 minutes a time. I am planning on not hurting myself. Wish me luck.