Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello, my name is Reasa. Yes it is my real name. I decided it was just to confusing anymore to post as either National Guard Wife or Reasa. I have been commenting alot longer than I have been blogging. When I started commenting on blogs I was just Reasa. Then I started writing my own blog and had an alias. I decided to go with Reasa for the fact that I like my name and it is alot easier to remeer what name I am using on the blogs I comment on. LOL

School is going great. I am haivng a hard time in one class. My Criticial Reading course is kicking my butt. I love to read but don't ask me the thesis or main supporting ides or even the minor supporting details. I can find the thesis but the main and minor details are all alike to me right now. I want to pull an A but it looks like I am pulling a very low C right now. It is hurting my ego that I am having this many problems with on course of something I love to do.

Hubby and Kiddos are all still very suportive. I really do not know what I would do with out them. Hubby has been wonderful about keeping the Kiddos inline with homework and chores so I can hit the library after classes for an hour or so to study. We miss out on time then but we are making up for it in little trips to the store together or sitting outside at night chatting on the porch. All around life is good and looking better for this househould.


Claire said...

Hey, I think your name is totally cool! If I wasn't already a Claire then Reasa would be awesome! :)

Hang in there with that Critical Reading course. What is your reading list right now? If you share it maybe we can all help you out. It really is a matter of time and practice. When you read for fun you don't tend to analyze it to death -- College is great, but they do have a way of taking the fun out something like reading. It took me years to even want to read a novel again after graduating. Also, I highly recommend Cliff or Spark notes. I don't recommend using them instead of reading, but they do make an awesome supplement!

I am happy for you that life is good and feeling on track! That is can be a relaxing place to be, and considering how much you and dh have sacrificed over the years -- I would say you both have more than earned it. Enjoy!

Army Wife said...

cat is out of the bag now!!