Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wow!! It is only Tuesday and I am wiped out. Life is good. Big Man is responding well to Hubby and right now I have just stepped backed and decided to be there bu not there. So far it is good. We will see what the long erm effects of this passive parenting will be but for now I need it for my sanity and to deal witht he ther four Kiddos.

School is good. Oh and Claire I do not have a reading list for my Critical Reading class. It is a bunch of articles that I have to outline and find thesis statements for. It does suck the joy out of reading. I spoke with my teacher for that class today and she said that as long as we are making progress and she sees we are working then not to sweat the test deadline. She will work with us as long as we are trying to pass and not coming in at the lsat minute to do do the work.

Today the Boys and I walked down to the neighbhood Head Start and applied for Boy with Gum in His Ear. He will be four in Jan and I really want to switch to day classes next year. This semster and next will have to be nights til I can get Baby in also. Plus Hubby wants to start back to school to get his BA in the spring semster. We will be one studing family soon. Probaly pretty cranky too. We will see.

I am off to catch up on my blog reading and commenting. Like i ever did alot before. LOL Ayway have a good evening.


Claire said...

I am glad that big man is listening to dh. Maybe sometimes it just has to be a man to man resolve? I am sure he will be just fine though... you are good parents, and that is more than the majority of the battle!

I am glad to hear that your instructor sounds reasonable! Hang in there. You will get the hang of it all again. My first semester I got a low B in psychology. It was a very hard class. It was then that I learned that "intro" classes are always the hardest even though you would think they would be easier. There is usually a TON of information covered in them. It sounds like you are off to a running start! Keep up the good work! :)

Reasa said...

You know with Big Man I am just going to step back and let Hubby deal with him. I love him to much to keep fighting with him and pushing him away more.

After I had spoken to my instructor things fell into place. I figured out what I have to do to get it right and retain the info. I have passed 3 assements since I spoke with her and have about 4 1/2 more to go by the 25th.