Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh my. It is Friday and I am bushed, worn out, and stick a fork in me I am done. I have been at school or the library everyday this week. Well not today. (It is Friday and Hubby was working in town so I played hooky with he books)I did see some good things come from it. Two 100s on assessments in my Critical Reading class. I was so excited. It took me a couple of weeks to get ahold of what i needed to get it done. Now tha I have I can move forward hopefully without to much trouble. I also turned in my first essay that was drafted, written, rewritten, peer edited and then rewritten once again. I hope I did good with it. I do not like being told what to write and then having it edited and graded. I do know that I need to have a few writing courses since I am going to be in Law School and that entails a but load of writing.

Anyway onto the family. Big Man has Open House on Monday and of course I have class. Huby is going armed with a long list of questions for each teacher. Somethings Big Man is saying is just not jiving with us. Sweetness helped Buddy Lee speak with their Principal today about the noise level in his class. I do have to say I felt horrible when I learned that he was having issues from his sister and he could not tell me. I wanted to crawl into a hole and cry my eyes out. Sweetness did tell him some right on things to do to handle the problem and even helped him approach the man who can make change happen. Yet I still feel like a failure with this happening at the same time the mess with Big Man is going on.

Boy with Gum in His Ear is ready for school. I am ready for him to go but don't want to let go. He needs to be with others to learn and hopefully not be a bully. I can only take him so far when his brothers and sister beat up on each other and he is right there with them. The Baby is doing good. He is growing so tall. Hubby told me last night he scared them to death almost. The Baby was tired and did not want ot go outside with Big Man. It took Hubby about 15 minutes to realize that the baby was quiet and went looking for him. hey did not find him right away and that is when worry set in. I can only imagine the family running through the neighborhood calling for the Baby. Gives me a smile because it did not happen to me. LOL Hubby did check the room where he was at first but did not look down on the floor. They found the Baby sleeping quite nicely just inside his door on the hardwood floor.

Those are the highlights from our home to yours. I am off to bed and some much needed sleep.

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