Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok I am cruising now. I got an A on my first drafted, revised and proofed essay this week. Now I have six more essays and a huge project to do by the end of the semster and I am set to get my A average to begin my college career. Wish me luck and tell me some ways to keep from going gray (besides color) and not hurting anyone. LOL


Jan Wesner said...

Conrats, Reasa. Good for you for following your dreams.

Claire said...

You rock, Reasa! That is awesome news, and I bet dh and the kids are very proud of your accomplishments!

Reasa said...

Thanks Ladies.
Claire Hubby and Kiddos both dance a jig when I make an A. Sweetness is more into than any of the others. She would go to class with me if she could. LOL