Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The time is coming closer and closer. Trying to cram a bunch of stuff into a few days is a little stressful. We still have to head to Hood to get new POAs and pick up a few things at teh PX Hubby will need for his training. The Kiddos are starting to understand what is going to happen and it has been hard on them, especially Sweetness. Our Pastor has stepped up to the plate and said he would take her horseback riding and be there for her when she needs it.

All of the Kiddos are going to be gone for one whole day an night. I am so excited about it. Hubby and I are doing pedicures and some shopping to get things for the house and Kiddos. We are purging alot of their old clothes and toys and replacing them with a few good quality new clothes and toys. I am also going shopping for a sewing machine. I have been looking at ways to save money and I decided that I could by making shorts and skirts for the Kiddos and myself. Maybe HUbby too if I can convince him his close will not come apart or fall off in public after I made them. I can't believe how much money goes out of our house for new or used clothes in ths house. My Kiddos grow so fast that even if I get soemthing at a yard sale, garage sale, given to us or find it in a thrift store I do not feel as if I have gotten my monies worth if they only wear it for a few short weeks.

I am doing really well in school. I have completed one thrid of my self paced math class and love the fact I can do this at my time and have help one on one when needed. The Phil course is still difficult but mangable. If I come out with a C in that class I will be so happy.

I had to try and explain why I am not looking forward to being single yet married again. I don't mind moving, giving birth, and taking care of business alone. I mond the going to bed alone every night. My shoulders tense up whenever I think about it and wonder how I am going to get the sleep I need to fnction in everything I am apart of. Especially my Kiddos day to day. We shall see.

I am off to a bath and bed. I am exhausted and have 4 or 5 hours at teh library tomorrow. Trying to get ahead so I can flake the first week HUbby is gone. At least just do the basics.We shall see if that works or not. Friday is an off day if I can get my test done in History and reply to Discussion Boards. Those are going to drive me nuts.

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