Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am sitting here trying to figure out why people think I do not support my Hubby since I am not all excited about him leaving soon and spending a few more months alone. I love the fact he is going active and we will be able to be together soon adn he will not be in a war zone. I just know that a huge part of me is going to be gone soon adn I will be half again until this summer. I barely get it so how can I make someone else get it?


Nicole said...

I know what you mean... People always say, "you should be so proud" and "it's so great that he's serving our country" and while it is great and I am proud and supportive I don't want him to leave! It's not the same for people when they don't see him everyday/live with him/love him the way I do... Unless you've been there you don't have a clue... It's amazing by reading blogs how much I've found I have in common with perfect strangers!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I feel the same when my husband leave me for his job. Because sometimes we feel cannot do everything by ourselves. We are too dependent to our husband. We are women have to be more taft right cos we were made from bones. You are great woman, that's why God trusts you 5 kiddos.

liberal army wife said...

well, duh.... let's see, we love and support our husbands but we are scared because what they do is dangerous and other people shoot at them. we don't like being married but single. and what is there about that people can't understand??? some days, Reasa, I really despair of civilians, I really do.

hang in there, kid. you'll do it.