Saturday, February 16, 2008

We will be heading home tonight. Both of my folks will be able to handle things with meds and I will be able to sleep once again. It was a hard thing but I am relieved to know that they will be fine with some modifactions to the way they live.

Hubby will be leaving soon. I asked him for a stinky shirt so I can smell him when he is gone. He still thinks I am cazy but will hook me up. I am handling him being gone and being on my own again. I will miss him with my all and the close relationshi we have built in the last few months. I do know that this will only serve to bring us closer together, but it sucks all the same. No matter where Hubby is I want to be and when I can't be there I am sad and feel very incomplete. I do not think I will ever get away from feeling that way. I hope I don't. Hubby is my funny, easy going side. He reminds me to show it and not to take life to seriously.

I am going to get off so we can unload soemthings at my Dad's and then we are headinghome tonight. Another 3 hours of driving and I can sleep in my own bed.

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