Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well I hate the ellipitcal machine, or however you spell it. I did get past 10 minutes on it today and feel wonderful about that. I was also able to do 35 minutes on the treadmill. 3 of those minutes I ran and did not die or want to puke. Not to bad for a beginner in my opinion. I am really liking the gym. I can go sweat and work out all my frustrations and not worry about how I look to anyone.

One of the ladies that works in the daycare showed me a picture of herself a few years ago. In it she weighed 250 pounds and is now down to 160. She looks smaller than that but she is all muscle. She told me to hang in there and it will come off. It was great tlking to someone who has been where I am and took off all the weight. Plus they told me I did not look as if I needed to lose 80pounds. That stroked my ego and made today's sweat session worthwhile.

Hubby is doing great at AIT and is actually having some fun some days. Yesterday he qualified with the grenade and had a blast blowing things up. He also ran 4.6 miles without falling out of formation. He is looking forward to next month when he gradutes. I am too to be honest. I have our room booked and a route planned. I am still debabting when we will leave. I hate driving at night but I do not want to get stuck somewhere that is not in Ga. Anyway I am off to take a shower and finish my laundry.

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kbug said...

Wow!!! Good for you. Back in 2003, I took off 50 pounds and have felt better, healthier, younger, and sexier than I did 10 years earlier...and the hubby really likes that (if ya know what I mean :) Anyway, it CAN be done, and it can change your life. There's this quote that I keep on my computer at work that says... "All it takes to change your life is purpose, desire, and persistence." Stick to your guns, girl..... :)