Sunday, April 06, 2008

Everyone in Hubby's class was verbally told where they would be going after they graduate. When it came to HUbby's name it was an unconfrimed. Hmmm.. back tot he waiting game. I have learned not to trust the military on anything til you are there. Pray I do not blow up waiting and we do not end up not being able to join Hubby on his first tour.

I plan on sweating out my frustrations this week, at least until we have paper orders in hand. I do not think I will be doing to much. The change in weather is catching up to me and causing all kinds of havoc with my head and attitude. I will try to push through it and keep going. I only have a few days to make a differenc before Hubby sees me for the first time in two months. I think I am doing good with only busting butt for a month and really enjoying it. People think I am a nerd for wanting to workout everyday for close to two hours without fast results. They don't see the results though, I feel it in my dailey life and when I play with the BOys. I am not out of breath and I can run with them now. THat in itself is a awesome reward.

I am done putting off homework. It is due in less than two hours, so I am going back to that.

Good Night.

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