Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I forgot to post last week but I lost two pounds last week. Even after taking a few days off for our trip the week before. I am stoked. The routine change up has helped alot and I am motivated once again. I feel the challenge and the different workouts for cardio and strength training has been a blessing. I feel the workout for days and I am standing taller. It is such a cool thing.

I was at the gym this morning as usual and I love to people watch. The gym is a great place to watch people and study them. I crack up at some people and others I wonder if their Mama taught them how to dress in public.

I see people who are like me and trying to get back in shape. I admire these people. They are my kick in the butt when I need it and they don't even know it. I see women who are larger than I am and they are in better cardio shape than I am. I hope to one day be in as good as shape as they are and to be able to stay on the elliptical machine for longer than 45 minutes.

Then we have the men. They are in their own group. Most the men there are their to build muscle and bulk up. They have an encouraging word for everyone and are friendly.

The skinny women are another group by themselves. I am sure some of them started off overweight but my goodness can't they cover up. I don't want to look at you sweat with half your body hanging out. I view them as show offs. I am sure that not every man wants to see a woman with all of her stuff for view. To them the shorter the short and the tighter the top they happier they are. All I can think is EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I am not impressed at all.

Those are the basic groups, there are sereval subgroups within the larger groups. I am sure all of them are nice people and have something to bring to the plate. But I really can not get over some of the clothes people think are okay to wear to the gym. I wonder if they would dress that way to go to the store, church, or to see their own parents. Anyway I am done now. I am off to make lunch and head off t o find Hubby a truck. We can no longer be a single truck family. I am out of denial on this and

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