Friday, May 02, 2008

Ok I skipped the gym today because I had a huge research essay due today and some other assigments due. This is the end of the semester and I was not completly caught up so I have been playing catch up this week. I did make bothds class this week. I was able t the Pililates and Spin on Sterioo hang through both hours and I felt the workout and I am still feeling it. SOmething I am doing is causing my butt to lift back into place and make the boobs smaller and I am really enjoing that. :) Even missing the workout and stress eating over finals and end of semester I have lost two pounds this week. I am loving my gym and enoy the workouts I am doing now.

O must go and clean up a bleach mess. Hopefully the boys did not get any on the colored clothes. Boy o boy!!!

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