Monday, May 05, 2008

I am sitting in a sandwich shop because I needed to finish my final essay for this semseter. I am so glad it is over. I had to leave the house because the Baby is sick and everyone else wants me. I had to finish this now so I would not sound stupid and make a decent grade. I need a B+ on this essay to achieve a B in the class. At this point I am just glad to be done and know I have a few weeks of a break before we have to kick it back into high gear for the move and getting settled.

Hubby checks in in a few days and I am glad. He needs to work and I need my routine back. I have learned that working out in the am is best for me and I can accomplish everything on my To Do List dailey. Not so much with Hubby around. He wants to jsut sit and cuddle (really I am ok with that, just not all day everyday), go window shopping, look at trucks (we got one) and just be. I think he is beginning to miss work. He is working on ther people's cars and trying to stay busy.

Anyway more later. I am going home to a hot tub and a good sleep. FINALS are DONE!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! Life can contiue on its regular schedule.

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New Girl on Post said...

Glad you are done with your finals!