Friday, May 09, 2008

I am done with finals. 1 A and 2 Bs. I can deal with that. As far as the weight loss goes I am not sure. I had a sick baby and Hubby this morning at about 2 am. I am xhuasted. I will be off and running in the am before I go to the Farmer's MArket. I am so excited that it is open again. We love fresh fruits and veggies. I am craving salads and smoothies and the store bought stuff is so expensive.

I will be running the Army 10Miler next year. I am not sure where we will be but a fund will be opened up for it and I will be there. I am so excited to finally set a goal and know I can make it. We shall see how the training goes. I do not know of anyone else in my area who ants to do it so I am just going to bust my own butt and move forward.

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ABW said...

Hey, I want to do the Army 10 miler in 2009. I am hoping my husband can do it with me, but not holding my breath that he will be around. I gotta drop some weight, get in shape, and get running again. What gym do you go to? I am at Gold's....let me rephrase that, I pay Gold's a lot of money each month in case I show up. :)