Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I missed the gym on Friday becasue Hubby and Baby were sick. I stayed home to take care of them and to try and nap. Baby was up at 2:45 am throwing up dinner and then dry heaving. I got Hubby up and asked him to go get us some ginger ale hoping to settle Baby's stomache down. Well, as Hubby was ready to leave he started with it and was in bed or the bathroom all day.

On Sat I did run/walk for 20 minutes and felt like death witht he 98% humdity at 5 am. Then we went to the Farmers Market and flea market for veggies and fruit. It was just Hubby and I. It was so nice to go and have a chat without being interupted every 5 seconds. We had a graduation party to attend that eveing and paid Sweetness to watch the Boys while Big Man did sound at a wedding. Both of them made money and are very happy.

Sun dawned a beautiful day and Hubby and some other men made breakfast at church for all the moms. It was yummy but it was my turn to be sick. It stuck with me for Sunday and Monday. This Mother's Day was worse than when Hubby was in Iraq last year or Afgainastain the one before. I wished I could of enjoyed the yummy Bar B Cue he cooked up for me, at my request. And then did not leave even half a rib for me. :(

Anyway everyone is well and back on a routine today. I went to the gym and had a blast in Body Pump. I love that class. I then was able to do only aout 15 minutes of cardio. I felt like death and did not want to do to much more than I did since I am not a 100% yet. I did hop on a scale and saw I lost 2 more pounds. I am down to 211 now. I am so happy. Anyway I am off to shower and do laundry. It is the only thing I can do since it is supposed to storm again and Hubby is on his way home from his first day of in processing.

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