Thursday, April 17, 2008

We had a wonderful day. All the Kiddos hung on Hubby all day. The two Boys did not want to let go of him at all and even slept on his chest today while Hubby took a quick nap. It was such a neat moment. If I was alert I would have grabbed the camara and snapped a picture, but I am feeling the effects of not sleeping to well for the last couple of months.

Today Hubby and I were talking about this next segement of our lives and how we are ready to start and finish it. It got me to thinking how I look at the different times of our lives. I used to looked at it as sea times when Hubby was in the Navy. Then I looked at it at what weekends we could not do things because Hubby had drill. Then it was AIT for 15U school and Afganastain. Next was a time of drill weekends again, then the Iraq times. Now it is Army training for 11B and whatever unt he will be assigned too. He has a 50/50 chance of going to a unit already deployed, as in right now. Then again he may be able to stay home for awhile.

My biggest thing is: Am I ready for another segment of my life labled Deployed? It scares the pants off of me and makes me wonder if I will have a full head of gray hair if he does deploy, again.

To be honest I had a really hard time this time around. I could breath today for the first time in two months at almost 10:55 am this morning. After the Turning Blue while I was driving us to a steak lunch Hubby asked me why I was so quiet. It is all because I can tak ethe load off of my shoulders and share it again. I am not the all of all anymore. At least for a short time period. I have my husband back who will step up and help with Kiddos, dishes, laundry and just eing my friend. It is times like that that makes me able to suck it up and move on. I can handle any deployment, TDY or whatever life throws at us and know I will not be gray, in jail or in a crazy ward somewhere. My backup is always there to help whenever he can and that is worth it for me to keep moving on.

I learned today that every seperation comes to its own end and it is not the end of the world. Now if I can only remember this when I am losing it and needing to punch something or throw something. I can handle anything the Army throws at us: TDY, school, unaccompined tour, deployment and whatever else they may find. These things will all pass and life wil be good for us no mater what is done or not done. It will make every birthday, anniversary and holiday that much better.

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