Sunday, April 20, 2008

We have made it home. It was a long five days but so worth the trip. Hubby earned his In Blue Cord and Disk and is ready for a few days off. We spent Sat at my Dad's house and came home this morning for church. We are exhausted and n need of sleep. Of course the Kiddos are raring to go and the pooch is excited to be home again.

In the next couple of days I will post pictures and talk about the trip. It was beautiful, honorable and sobering for me all att he same time. Hubby has made me proud and I have done well by hime. He likes the changes in my body and I fit into a skirt today for the first time that was not a plus size. I am a happy girl right now. OOOO and in true military spouse fashion I met a woman whose huby is going to Hood too and made instant friends. She is younger than I am with one cute little girl. We are already planning dinners together and have already blew up the phones text messaging to make sure we made it to our homes. I am excited to be back amongst this wonderful family and support system.

I must go and put laundry away and do some homework. I am behind and finals are in a few weeks. Plus I must plow ahead because we have finals in about three weeks and I need to pull in some decent grades.

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liberal army wife said...

congrats to husband! and to you, super congratulations!