Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We spent a good porton yesterday in Ft Hood. It was good and bad. I always have disliked dealing with the ID card people. It was and is always nervewracking for me. They are so rude even when you smile and are very friendly. ANyway I finally got my active dependent Id and while we waited for that we ran upstairs to deal with housing. The first person we came into contact with was typcial GS employee short and rude. We waited for about ten minutes and was called back. Hubby was back in the little cubicle and getting ready to start. We declined a five bedroom because it is a 12 to 14 month wait. I am not wanting to wait that long. So we signed up for the four bedroom and asked when we should expect a call. The wonderful lady who helped us said she could offer us one then and there. We set the date to sign the lease and do a walk through at then end of May. It is one of the newer ones and has a fenced back yard. Hubby and I drove through the neighborhood.

But to be honest we are just excited to be getting centrel HVAC and screens on all the windows and doors. The rest is an added bonus. We are already plannin our first get together with our new friends we made while at Benning and looking into what trouble I can find while Hubby is deployed.

The whole downside to this is that Hubby will be deploying this summer. We have a fifty fifty chance of hime being gone before the school year begins. We found out what brigade he will be assigned too. Just not the specific unit. I am bummed and wondering how this will be different this time. I know I will havemore resources and all but wil it make things easier on me or not. We shall see.

I need to jump off anf get ready for the gym. HUby is in the shower getting ready for his day at the recuiter's station and I have part of the day for just me and the boys. I am looking forward to tht. LOL

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