Friday, May 23, 2008

Laundry is still not done and I am only halfway through it. It seems that no matter how quickly I do it it seems to pile up just as fast. It makes me want to stick to one or two loads a day. I am beginning to hate laundry and housework. The packing sucks and it is slowly getting done.

Hubby and I watched something on HBO the other night that got us to talking till about two in the morning. It was about Soldiers and Marines coming home and losing parts of their bodies or TBIs. They talked about the stress of finding a new life. It was really good and it gave Hubby and I to have The Talk without drawing it out or me breaking down in tears. What it comes down to for us is that we accept the other no matter how we come home or what happens. I knew it and Hubby knew it, just putting the words out there verbally was reassuring.

I have such and awesome man. He has rocked my world and shows me in little ways how much he loves me. I hope he knows how much he means to me. I am sure he does. It is just really nice to know I rock his world like he does me.

I am off to the gym and then home to pack my living room. YUCK!!!

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