Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Updated To Do List:
1.Write To Do List
2.Work out
3. Laundry (like it will ever end)
4. Clean off back porch
5. Sort totes that we have not looked at in 3 years (Allergies galore is coming)

This is from yesterday. I am getting ready to go to the gym and bust my but in a class and miss Pilatitets this week. It ends to close to the start time of Bible Study tonight and I do not want to go there stinky. Hubby is on permissive TDY for a few days so we are going to tackle one room a day. Come next Wensday we will have the whole entire house packed. I hope we do not kill each other in the mean time. Because of this change is my schedule I will be heading to the gym in the late afternoon or early evenings. I hope the change does not kill me and this heat will not be my end. We shall see.

Kiddos are still processing the fact Hubby is deploying soon and not talking about it. I think they are to nervous about the move and a new neighborhood. Anyway I will write more tomorrow and hopefully be in a good mod or not dead or close to death from heat and humdity.

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