Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Update: Laundry is still waiting to be done and only one nap was taken. I have slept worth crap this week and I am feelin blah. No other way to say it. House cleaning will be done tomorrow as a family. I did cook 4 times this week and Monday I go back to eating realy healthy and wise. I miss the good feeling I was having making right choices. The ease and cost effecient choices are not always healthy but that will change.

Things to Do this week
1.Write List.
3.Take out rocks in flower bed
4. Take out posionous bush in fornt yard.
6.Register Kiddos at CYS
7.Make dinner at least 4 times this week
8.Rearrange the bushes in flowerbedNot going to do this yet. I am waiting til next spring and then will decide what I want in there.
9.Sweep and mop floors
10. Laundry
11.Nap at least 3 times this week
12. Blog about my trip to DC and post pictures

I think that is a good satrt. We got my mom to the airport in good time last night and now have life back to us. I love having company and family in but I was getting tired and wanting to be in my home with just my Hubby and Kiddos. Anyway I am off to work on my list and see if I can accomplish anything without hurting myself or the Kiddos.


Butterfly Wife said...

Good job on getting all that stuff done!

I highly suspect that it must be darn near impossible to be done with laundry at your house. ;-)

ABW said...

That's a lot to do, but I would vote for making the naps a priority!!!