Sunday, July 13, 2008

To Do List for the Week:
1. Write List
3.Go to gym three two times this week
4. Take Kiddos to doctor appointment for physicals and the dreaded update on shots This was two and a half hours of my life I will never get back. Why do they think slow is good or we do not have to be anywhere for the rest of the day?
5.Grocery shop
6. Go into Temple to visit Sam's Club
7.Cook dinner everynight this week
8.Go to Weigh2Live Class twice this week.(it is a month long class twice a week)
10.Run/Walk twiceonce this week (the dr appointment is at an ungodly hour in the morning it will take me 30 minutes just to rouse the Kiddos out of bed)
11. Registar for classes this fall
12.Start accumlating stuff for care packages
13. Love on my Hubby even more the next few weeks (work in progress)

This week is going to be just as crazy as every other week in my life. We shall see if I will lose my mind.

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