Friday, August 29, 2008

Time is moving way to fast for my taste. We have been having a blast and not having to answer about how we feel and if someone can come over and spend time with us before Hubby takes off for his trip across the pond. Family just left and we have a few days to hang out and laugh. I don't feel the pressure to have everything perfect before Hubby leaves and I really am enjoying our time hanging out and laughing. I have not laughed so much in a really long time and I am enjoying it.

Big Man 2 is having a hard time this week. Between school and Daddy getting ready to "go to work" he is melting down at least twice a day. Hopefully he will be better in a few weeks. The rest of the Kiddos are hanging in there and being wonderful about things. All of them get some one on one with their Daddy so they are happy. I even had time with Daddy and we had a blast hanging out and watching a movie.

I starte school this week and love, just love my classes. Math will be pretty easy but the rest will be a changellage to me. That is a good thing. I have to do questions in two classes instead of a term paper and that makes me happy. I would rather research questions rather than find sources and write a term paper that may or may not meet the profosser's likes.

Anyway I am off to drop Kiddos in bed and snuggle up with the most amazing man in the world.

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