Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby eating breakfast before school. He went without crying and had a huge smile when I picked him up. A very good first day at preschool for him.
Big Man 2 eating breakfast bright and early. This child is not a morning person so this is a rare sight before 10 AM let alone at 7AM.
Buddy Lee was ready to go Sunday night so he was set.
Sweetnes riding off to middle school. She was ready for this new step in her life.
Big Man getting ready for 11th grade. WOW!! 11th grade, I still can not get that wrapped my mind. I am only 34, that is way to young to be havng a kiddo getting ready to graduate in 2 years.

As for me, I did ok. I did not ance as much as I thought as I would. As I walked Big Man 2 to school I began to get butterflies. He walked into the building all by himself with no tears. He made me so proud. Baby was sleeping in the truck to his school but woke up as soon as I turned the engine off. He climbed out of the truck before I had stepped two feet away from my door. He walked in and joined in like he owned the place.

My one class today was good. Not to sure about the professor though. Maybe it will flow better throughout the next few days. I have a long day tomorrow with 3 classes and an FRG meeting in the evening. The inlaws are still here and driving me crazy. Oh well, at least HUbby ets to see his folks before he takes off for the sandbox.

Speaking of the sandbox, the date has been moved up and we are not close to being ready. I am sure we will be when the time comes. Til then I hate the rollercoaster ride of emotions. Oh well, off to shower and get ready for a new day tomorrow.

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