Saturday, November 22, 2008

A friend and I took our Kiddos to the food court last night fr dinner and so the kiddos could play since it was to cold and to dark for them to be outside. Never mind the fact neither one of us wanted to cook anything close to dinner. Well, her oldest and my two oldest were in the play area with the little ones and we sat out where it was a little quieter than in the enclosed area. We could see them and they were being normal boys under the age of 6. Loud, loud and loud. One lady walked in to take her kids in and made a loud comment about how no adults were in there with a whole lot of loud kids. Well, ours was not the only one and another lady who did the same thing as we did looked at us and said something about how some women are quick to judge. We were all with in eye sight of the kiddos and needed a break from the noise. Why must some people feel they can spew crap and think everyone cares what their opinions are? I needed for my kiddos to play and not have my eardrums busted open til they were bleeding. Goodness, I am alone, again with them and needed a mental decompression hour. Anyway, they left and the kiddos never hurt anyone, other than themselves, and the kiddos conitued on being boys and I enjoyed my Mocha Latte. If people would just let me relax in my own way and keep comments to themselves I would be an extremely happy camper. LOL

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Penny said...

Sat night we went to pick up a pizza at Pizza Hut on post and little man was obviously excited to see Daddy since he hadn't all day (CQ duty) well, he's smiling, laughing and litterally not even a foot away from us when he was away and a guy there kept giving my dirty looks.. WTH? Like we were in the frickin library or something. The kid's excited about seeing Daddy, big deal ,you think I was going to calm him down? Nope! lol