Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am ready to see my Mommy. She will be here on Tues and will be the light in my Christmas this week. The Boys are screaming to ope their presents, but I am able to put them off saying we have to wait to after Nana gets here. It works most of the time. Oh well.

Hubby will be home next month for R&R. I am so looking forward to eeing him and having him around for a few days. As for the Army, it is good. Bills are paid, insurance is still there and we have a nice roof over our heads. And I will leave it at that.

I have not learned anything new about being co-leader of the FRG. Of course ou leadr has her husband home for R&R and I am not calling for a couple of more days. :) Peny, I am not sure about the classes. I might learn more the beginning of next month.

I am off to curl up in bed with a book and warm blankets. The few days it gets cold is happening tonight and it is cold. The temp already dropped to 28 and predicated to go lower. I am glad I do not have to go anywhere tonight.

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