Saturday, December 13, 2008

So last weekend after watching PS I Love You, I also watched over half of 300 before I passed out. It as the most wonderful way to cancel out the chick flick. I have never seen 300 before that night. I am watching it again tonight after the kiddos go to bed. I need to finish it. The blood, gore, action, and acting are wonderful. Of course it could be I am jonesing for my man but that is something else all together I will not put out here. :)

I am done with finals and passed all the test. I eaned a B in Math and As in both of my Criminal Justice classes. I am taking over the class I made a D in with another instructor, whom I may be able to reach locally and has an awesome rep here in town, the beginning of this net semester. I tried and had head honchos going to bat for me to no avail. The grade I was given was discretionary and I can not change her mind. Oh well, I say. I don't think I learned anything that I should of in her class anyway and I feel cheated because of that. At least I do not have to shell out the money for the book again.

Hubby and Kiddos are all doing well and ready for R&R. It has benn changed so many times it is not even funny. The Kiddos know when it is going to happen and are ready for it. I am ready for it and willing to try to get into the Christmas spritit because of it.

And finally, I am FRG co leader for our comapny. SOmeone had to step up and I did it. I am not sure what I got myself into but I did it anyway. If no one is going to do it then we will all suffer and I am not willing to allow that to happen.

Anyway I am off to do some laundry and watch a movie with the Kiddos and get ready for my movie. heheheh....have a good one.

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Penny said...

Congratulations on your finals! I'm sure you and kiddos are excited about R&R! Have fun during this time, we're packing over here and it's not so much fun.. lol.. Congrats on stepping up and being Co- leader!! I'm sure you'll do awesome in it! Btw.. Do they still make you take the 2-day course for it?