Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, I have had to make some hard decisions this week and the process just plain ole sucked. I love my life. I love being part of the Army life, I love my most wonderful, caring, loving husband, but I hate not being close to my mom when she needs me the most. Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this week. We both have had our moments and moved passed the anger stage quickly, at least for now, and have decided to laugh our way through this journey. We also decided that our God is an awesome God and the great healer. God promised us healing in His word, just not how we will be healed. We have the Joy of God and Peace from God that we will make this journey and come out whole and much more stronger than we are now. I am not sure how the end will play out for us, but we will be ok. I have that promise from My God and I hold it near and dear to my heart, for not only my mom but for my family and myself.

The Kiddos know Mom is in the hospital but not why. I am having a hard time not saying anything. They talk to her and laugh with her. I know I should tell them, just have not found the words. Mom means so much to us and has shown us so much love and caring that it will be very diffucult on them when they hear. I want them to enjoy their Nana as much as possible before the therapies make her ill. We will know when the right time to tell them is. Today is not that time though.

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