Monday, April 06, 2009

As I sit here with brown hair dye on my head I am wondering will it be enough to push me that extra mile to finish this deployment? I am tired, very tired. Hubby keeps telling me I am doing a great job and he will be here sooner than I know and I will no longer be alone. Ummm, all I think is yeah, but I still have to make it through the next weeks or months before I see your smile and wonderful blue eyes again. I do not know if I have the mental strength to do the last sprint til homecoming.

I became exhuasted a lot sooner than normal, but the small things of life have added up to a few giant things of life. All the Kiddos are fine, went from fighting with a school to working together and everyone wanting a piece of me has kinda drained the reserves I usually have for the final sprint to homecoming. It is turning out to be a shorter deployment than others but life happens and it picked this deployment to rear its ugly head big time.

The Kiddos have stepped up and helped me tremendously and shown me how wonderful they truely are and make me so proud. Sweetness had surgery and now faces root canals. Big Man was diagonised with ADD after 17 years of life, 13 years of fighting and saying he is bright and so very smart but something was not clicking and I had no clue what it was. Buddy Lee, Big Man 2, and the Baby are growing up and loving life. They all make me small and proud of how far they have come in such a short time. They truely are a gift from God. (Just don't tell them I said so, I will deny it)

It is almost time to rinse my hair. Let's see if it looks good and if it makes me feel all grown up and ready to face the next hurdle.

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