Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The hair dye worked, kinda. I look a little older, not so much like a clown now, but someone who knows what they want in life. There is one problem with that. I am not so sure what I want in life. Well at least my professional one. I know what I want for myself personally, just not professionally. I have been thinking of finishing up my AA and going to work as a federal parole officer or work for the fed government somehow, somewhere and any way possible. Hubby has dreams and has made the steps to get his dream and he is all excited about it. As for me, I am lost still. LOL I have been researching different jobs and love what I see in so many. I could be a parole officer, bailiff, border patrol, just about anything that involves carring a weapon legally and getting paid to help people get back on their feet the right way. The money is not a major concern to me right now because I have waited so long to decided and achieve my dream, I want to make sure I will get something that I would do for free.

Don't get me wrong, a job with awesome pay and benefits will not be turned down, it is just not at the list as being important for the job. At the top of the list is helping people and protecting our rights that my husband and many other brave men and women have fought and died for. Not to much to ask is it?? Anyway, I will think more on this and may one day come to a conclusion on what I want to be when I grow up.

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kbug said...

I hope you have found some reserve strength to get you to the deployment finish line...it will be her very soon now. Katie and I will be headed back to Hood next weekend to deliver her home to prepare for Seth's homecoming. We'll probably spend the weekend cleaning and rearranging and uncluttering. When she came here a couple months ago, she never intended to stay this long, but she has enjoyed having me help with Sawyer...it was good for her mental state and her physical well-being to get a bit more encouragement and some much needed rest. Going it alone with a brand new baby can be pretty tough.