Friday, May 08, 2009

Well, hello everyone. How is the world going out there? I got so sick and tired of hearing news I turned it off and throw it away after I read the comics. Other important things were and are happening in my life at the moment. Hubby is coming home, Moma is rocking through chemo, finals had to be taken (3 Bs and 1 C), the Kiddos need me, and of course the friends I have learned to open my heart to.

I have not had many women friends in y life. I have learned some thought and still think I am bossy and intimidating. I have five wonderful kiddos, I have to be these things. I just need to learn to back off from it a little bit, not to much because it will change the essence of who I am. Hubby and the Kiddos love me this way so I am OK with it now.

The past few weeks have been easy and hard on me at the same time. We were given an early homecoming date and it was taken away in a span of 12 hours. That is ok because hay it is the Army.

The Kiddos have been rocking. Big Man, my heart, has been on a med that is doing wonders for him. The side effects are nil and he loves it. It is nice to know after fighting so long with teachers and professional educators that I was never crazy and Big Man has a missing link. Sweetness is wonderful. She has new friends and is ready for Daddy to be home. The three boys are awesome. They are truly my glue at the end of this deployment. If I did not have to love on them so much and help them through these last few weeks I would probably be a basket case.

Overall, life here has been good. The missing piece is coming home and I have time to unfry my brain and get back into school come August.


kbug said...

So you saw the planes coming in with my baby boy on one of them...that's so cool...wish I could have seen that. But oh my gosh, I thought your hubby would have been here sorry. It will be soon, though, won't it?

Reasa said...

They say soon, just not how soon. I look at all the planes when I know we have a group coming in. It is awesome to see that. I am sure you are breathing a sigh of relief. :)