Friday, January 28, 2011

I am here. As much as I can be after having one sick kiddo and another on the same road. The Baby is finished and Sweetness is just starting what he had a few days ago. So not looking forward to this thing making the rounds in our house.

We have started the process over again for Nana to become our dependent. It will be a few more months probable before we hear anything about it. Her oncology nurse wrote this awesome letter stating why she needs to be with us. Hubby is more optimistic than we are but I am with Nana all day every day and know what was written is true, as does she.

The Kiddos are handling it well and making Nana a big part of their day. They even tried her to play driving game on the Wii tonight. It was funny to watch. All I know is I am glad I have her while I do, no matter for how long it may be.

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