Friday, January 14, 2011

So, in the past 6 or 7 months I have decided to grow my hair natural. For anyone who knows me it was a difficult decision. I am loving the low maintenance, confident attitude it gives me. Lets just say rocking a hairstyle that is not mainstream is fun and interesting.

People like to touch my hair because it is soft and not greasy and I enjoy it sometimes. If it is someone I love and like and know well then you have a time limit to touch my hair, if I don't like you even and we are just surface friends, back the heck off my hair. Hair is a crowing glory for a woman. You can't just go up and touch it and leave dents and divets in a person's hair.

All of this to say I wish the kiosk people that sell flat irons would not assume as I am walking by them that I want my hair straight. I have not put any heat to my hair and will not. I am learning to many fun things to do with my hair and putting any chemicals or heat on it is not part of the plan. So, for future reference Mr Kiosk Man, I do NOT want you to ask me anything about anything ot change my beautiful hair from you. Don't ask, I will ask you. And by the way, I will not ask you for any info that may cause harm to my really tight thick curls. Thank you.

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