Thursday, November 03, 2011

I have been a military spouse for over 18 years and a military brat for longer than that, barely. As I look at the current pace of op tempo, troop draw down, and the slow down in recruitment I wonder if we are closer to being the military pre 9-11. Could it be possible Hubby will be home to see more than half a school year, have no worries of missing a high school graduation and for us to actually live in the same country for more than 6 to 8 months a year? It is a good feeling but also a tad bit disturbing.

I have always loved the military life, no lie, I did and do. As a family we are looking at the possibility of not being a military family. And it is not due to anything my husband or I have done. We are not ready for retirement and had planned on spending a few more years being an Army family. Now it is clear we may not be one, I will be able to say we are a family, just minus the military.

This is a life we have chosen together because of our hearts and desire to serve our country and the people of our country. This is a calling that is no different than being a doctor, lawyer or teacher. It is a call to serve. Nothing more and nothing less. And to have the possibility of that being taken away is not only unreal but daunting. Questions begin to arise.
Questions like: Where will we go? What will we do? Do we buy a house here or wait? Will family want us closer? Do we want to be closer to family?

As each day goes by I always ponder these questions. It is a fifty fifty chance we will be in the Army still or not. How can this thought not be in the forefront of our minds when I look at my kiddos and other families who are facing the same thing? All I do know is that we will soldier on as we always do and enjoy every minute together as a family.

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