Monday, May 22, 2006

It haas been a busy month. The Kiddos are good and ready for the summer. Hubby and I are getting along pretty good. Somedays are better than others.

My Pops moved out her to Texas. I am so glad that he did. I was beginning to miss him and the rest of the family back there. He spent two days here with us and the headed to Houston for a few weeks. Life is going good for him now and I hope to see improvement in his health once he settles down to a slower pace and a healthier lifestyle.

Sat I went on an allday outreach. It was awesome. My legs do hurt but that is all right. Out doing God's will and doing it with others with a like mind is awesome. I recomend it for anyone.

I am off so we can get the Kiddos to bed. They have been up late every night for the past week.

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