Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I know it has been awhile since I last posted. Life has been cruising along pretty well here. Until recently. Huby and I made some decsions for GOd and how to live our lives and boy did some things hit the fan. Our finances took a major hit and we are barely treading water. Thank goodness God is GREAT!!! Without Him in our lives and the prayers of each other and from our PAstor and friends we would be sunk by now.

The Kiddos are doing great. Big Man just returned home after spending a couple of weeks in Houston with my Dad. The only reason he came home was because Dad has been in the hospital with fluid on his heart once again. Yesterday they put in a defiblitaor and he should be home today sometime hopefully. We are stressed on that one too. It seems as soon as Dad starts getting better and makes the steps to make himself well something like this comes up. We will contuie to pray and know GOd will work this out for him.

Sweetness is in Az with some friends from church. She has been gone for 4 1/2 days now. I miss her so much. She needed a break from her Big Sister role. Sweetness is able to be a kid these few days without any prompting from her Dad and I. She will call and ask about the Boys and wants to make sure they are all doing well. BuddyLee misses her alot. He is glad Big Man is home and is enjoying having him back.

Buddy Lee is glued to his Dad. It is great to watch them togther. They are two peas in a pod. Buddy Lee graduted from Kinderarten this past May. He is so happy to be going to 1st grade. He will do well in school. I am sad because this is yet another one who is growing upp right before my eyes. How does it happen so fast?

The Bully is still a Bully. :) He loves his Little Brother though. I am trying to introoduce the potty training thing to Bully but he is not yet to intrested in it. He does tell me when he has pooped and every once and awhile I can get him to potty in the toilet. I know it will happen in time. I am thinking of paying someone else to potty train this Kiddo. He does better with it than with me. This may be the way to get him out of diapers with out to much stress.

And the Baby. He is getting so big. He is getting tall and still putting on the weight. He weighs about the same as Bully if not more. The Baby will be in his walker andwill pick it up to walk around the house that way. It is so funny to watch. He has taken a few steps without the walker but I think he is scared something is going to happen to him. He may be off balance also. His gut does stick out father than the rest of him :)

As for Hubby and I we are still learning about each other. Having him home is an awesome thing. Things are still better than I thought they would be but other things are starting to rear up. I am having a hard time dealing with Hubby when the Little Ones will cry or whine. I know it hurts his ears still but I can not always make them stop. They cry sometimes because I have displined them or taken something away. They whine because it is the only way they can get across that they are not happy. Bully is not close to three yet so he is still a baby in alot of ways. And The Baby is a baby and does not have words at all tto express himself without whining. I know with prayer and patience this will work out. Just add this to the money woes and all I am really beginning to feel it take its toll on me physically and mentally. I will survive and be a stronger Christian and mom and wife after I get through this. God is my Rock and Sheild. Nothing can come against me without God saying ok she can handle this. It is easier said than done some days but I keep telling myself that and each time I say it I believe it more and more each time.

I amm off to pick up and read for a few before the Kiddos wake for the day.

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