Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So we took off for Houston this past weekend. We went to see my cousin get married and have a mini family reunion. It was so cool to see family I have not seen since I was 12 years old. My aunts and cousins welcomed Hubby into the family like he was always apart of us. That was a great feeling for me. Sweetness thought it was awsome that she was able to meet her Great Grandmother. She was in awe.

We also took time to meet up with a really cool couple from Vegas. They are pioneering a work down there. It was so nice to see them and their girls. The man side of the couple said he was flored when Hubby told him he was saved. He could not belive it. The female side said ot was so cool and knew it was a relief to me.

It has seemed that Hubby was never gone. Some small things still creep up when it comes to dealing with day to day living with each other. The Kiddos have no issues that I can see of taking disclepline from Hubby. The issues are always beween the two of us. And they really are small things. So as soon as I bettermy prayer life and get closer to GOd all will be better.

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